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The installation of diesel generator.

: admin: 2016-07-19

The installation of Diesel Generator Set

1. The installation
position should be kept well ventilated, the generator should have enough air inlet, diesel engine should have a good way. Export area should be more than 1.5 times the size of the tank.

2. If in indoor use, must be the exhaust pipe to convey to the outside diameter must be greater than or equal to the muffler pipe diameter, connecting pipe elbow should not more than three, to ensure the smooth flow of waste gas and tube tip down 5-10 degrees, avoid rain water injection; If the exhaust pipe installed vertically, you must install the rain cover.

3. Shell element must have a reliable grounding protection, needs to have a generator neutral grounding, neutral grounding must by professional personnel, and equipped with a lightning protection device, it is forbidden to use neutral point grounding of city electric connection device.